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    Festival of Kobol


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    Festival of Kobol

    Post  Steve101 on Sat Jul 28, 2012 3:16 am

    The Festival of Kobol is here! Events begin on the 27th of July and last until the 12th of August! During the Festival of Kobol, players will have the chance to participate in the Decathlon Tournament; a series of 10 tournaments where the overall top 3 champions will be given a Cubits shopping spree!

    Tournaments will start at 15:00 and run until 23:00 local server time. Tournaments will be every other day and each individual tournament will have individual prizes. However, at the end of the entire Festival, all the scores will be tallied up and each server will have a 3 Decathlon winners based on overall scores and they will be granted a Cubits shopping spree.

    In-between, there will be Golden Rock Splitter events running from 18:00 to 20:00 local server time. We’ll also have limited edition Gold Ship Skins on sale during the Festival.

    Tournament Details:
    1 Friday, July 27 Decimation
    2 Sunday, July 29 Annihilation
    3 Tuesday, July 31 Crucible
    4 Thursday, August 2 Rock Buster
    5 Saturday, August 4 Decimation
    6 Monday, August 6 Annihilation
    7 Wednesday, August 8 Crucible
    8 Friday, August 10 Rock Buster
    9 Saturday, August 11 Annihilation
    10 Sunday, August 12 Decimation

    Decathlon Prizes
    1st Place Winner:
    500,000 Cubit Shopping Spree
    2nd Place Winner:
    250,000 Cubit Shopping Spree
    3rd Place Winner:
    125,000 Cubit Shopping Spree

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